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What are the requirements for images and content submitted for update?

All website content needs to be provided in an electronic format. This speeds up the updating process as the content can be copied from the document into the website.

Scanned documents of hand written content or images of hand written content will not be accepted. If an acceptable format (as listed below) of this content cannot be submitted, an hourly charge will apply to the time taken to convert the information in the image file to the website.

All website content that is being submitted for update needs to be in any of the following formats:
  • Microsoft Word (preferred file format)
  • Text file (.txt file)
Any images used within a content document are for reference purposes only. All images need to be uploaded additional to the content document in any of the following file formats:
  • .jpg
  • .png
  • .gif
For images being used for website headers and backgrounds, a landscape image with a minimum width of 1900px is required.

For images to be used within the website content, landscape images are preferred with a minimum size of 350px (height or width depending if landscape or portrait image) to any size up to 1900px width or height.

If you have multiple images, you can upload a zip file of the images or alternatively upload them as individual files.

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